The A to Z of Coping with a Disability

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A. Acknowledge the change in your life,

B. Build a support network.

C. Cry if and when you need to.

D. Don’t give up…there is life after trauma.

E. Express your feelings, buried pain is still pain.

F. Friendship is a two way street; don’t forget you still have something to give.

G. Grieving is a normal part of any loss.

H. Helpless you are not; do as much for yourself as you can, even if it’s limited to telling someone else know YOU

want something done.   Don’t “give away” all of your power.

I. Invite people to visit you if you can’t get out, to see them.

J. Join a support group…it’s a great way to meet new people.

K. Know your limitations…don’t push anything too far, you’ll pay later,

L. Learn how to take care of yourself to the fullest extent possible.  Keep as much control of what happens to you

as you can.

M. Mental health is important too…if you need help – get it.

N. Nurture yourself; taking care of yourself and your needs is nothing to be ashamed of.

O. Open your mind to new/different ways of doing things.  Different isn’t bad, it’s just different.

P. Prioritize your goals…keep attainable ones first…build for success.

Q. Quality of life is an individual choice…don’t let other people define what that means for you,

R. Remember who you are is not defined by what your body does or does not do.

S. Survive…do whatever it takes to make it through the struggle.

T. Try new things…what you can do may surprise you.

U. Use your mind…you are probably the one who knows the best way to adapt the things you need to adapt.

V. Victims are helpless, hopeless and pitiable.  Don’t be a victim.

W. Watch your attitude…it’s contagious!

X. “X-actly” who you are now depends upon who you were “before”, and what you do with what you have left.

Y. You are still a person worthy of dignity and respect.

Z. Zeal for living is an admirable trait in anyone; pursue all that life has to offer you!