Navigating Obstacles

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As someone who suffered a severe closed head injury as a result of a car accident, over 45 years ago, while I was a senior at the University of Michigan, my life has been filled with expected challenges and with some that were not planned or anticipated.  The years since my brain injury have taught me lots about recovery from trauma and moving forward.

  • First , Recovery is Making Progress.
  • Second, Recovery demands commitment.
  • Third, Recovery needs sustained and dogged determination to overcome obstacles and attain goals.

There are obstacles in my environment that need to be navigated and I have to learn to adapt.  Anything less would leave me feeling helpless and hopeless.  You don’t have to have a brain injury to recognize that adapting to your surroundings is critical to accomplishing your goals.  That’s why I say that sustained and dogged determination is necessary…not the kind that fades with the season.  It’s the only way to achieve your goals.