Mission Statement

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I combine my experiences as an over 45-year survivor of a severe closed head/brain stem injury with my social work education and life coach training, to provide modeling, motivation & support coaching services to people who have suffered trauma and the people who support them.

What I Offer:

I offer myself as a model for surviving & thriving after catastrophe, because I’ve done it.  Not only do I have real world knowledge, but I have academic and professional credentials.

My Ideal Client:

My ideal client is someone who has survived a catastrophe and wishes to reach beyond their current situation and thrive.

Top Three Reasons People Want to Work with Me:

  1. I live my message.
  2. I inspire people to recover from catastrophe & trauma
  3. I conduct In-Demand Keynotes & Seminars for Survival & Support Professionals!

What I do that No One Else Does:

I have lived for over 45 years experiencing the triumphs and defeats that accompany living with a trauma.  I share my experiences over-coming obstacles freely.  It’s easier to reintegrate into society when you are guided by one who has been where you are.  I form partnerships with people who are trying to take their place in the mainstream.

How You Benefit:

My coaching model is based upon the belief that recovery is not only making progress, it is taking the first step.  I’m an authentic Disability Life Coach.   I have survived my own personal catastrophe; I know what it takes to overcome obstacles and can assist you to face the challenges in your life.

Our Guarantee:

Since there are no guarantees in life, I can only promise to help you to make the gradual changes that will lead you toward your identified goals.