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Here just some of the things that people have said about Nancy:

I’m Susan Savaya I have worked in home care for the past nine years, my area of expertise is in traumatic brain injury.  I had the pleasure of accompanying Nancy Bauser, one of the guest speakers at the Carnival of Care event this year. Nancy has been an inspiration to those who suffer from brain injury and experience the type of mental and physical challenges. She was invited to the Carnival to share her story in hopes to be able to give hope and inspiration to others who feel challenged in ways that Nancy did.

Nancy was honored that she was recognized as an inspiration to others and be able to share her story. She has been invited year after year to the Carnival of Care to continue her inspiration too others as well as herself. The Carnival Of Care has given Nancy a place to shine and that has touched her heart immensely and given her a purpose.

I was really happy to have attended this event it was a great experience for me and I look forward to the upcoming years. The feeling I got from attending was that the Carnival Of Care unites people in such a unique way through professionals to clients. I really enjoyed getting to know so many people in our industry, I was able to learn so much more then I thought I had. The people who make this possible do a wonderful service to so many. I would strongly urge anyone who is in the medical home care profession or client to join the Carnival of care and experience all they have to offer.

Thank you again,
Susan Savaya

I am Sophia Bong, CEO of Strength Training and Recovery (S.T.A.R. Rehab) in Grand Blanc, Mi.  I have worked in the industry for 12 yrs. with my business focus on physical rehabilitation.  However, I appreciate the emotional struggle our clients have to deal with in order to focus on their physical recovery and the strong connection between the cognitive fitness and physical fitness.  Mentoring and community reintegration are a strong component of their emotional recovery.

So, I am writing this letter in regards to a speaker at this years Carnival of Care that nailed that point in her presentation. Ms. Nancy Bauser, being a survivor herself, offered a wealth of knowledge, experience, inspiration, and empowerment.  I hope the Carnival of Care continues to benefit from Ms. Bausers presentation at future events.  S.T.A.R. Rehab has been volunteering and contributing as a vendor at the Carnival of Care for 4 years.  It is a great day for these clients to relax from all the doctors and various therapy appt. that consume their life and just have fun meeting other individuals dealing with their same struggles.  We look forward to contributing again next year.
Sophia Bong

Thank-you for your talk at the Carnival of Care.  It’s a great area to specialize in because it is so hard, especially when you have an imbalanced brain and earlier traumas.

Best regards for you  in your work and thank you for what you do for TBI/ABIers!

Louise Mathewson

The following is a letter from the mother of someone Nancy coached for 29 sessions.
January 15, 2011

One hopeless and desperate day over a year ago, I came across a specific list of what it might feel like to have a brain injury. My precious daughter was suffering from a traumatic brain injury and I did not know how to help her. That list changed, and quite possibly saved, my daughter’s life as did the person who wrote it; Nancy Bauser.

I knew anyone who could write such an articulate list must know more that would offer more education  about the path our life might take.  I would not be disappointed. Nancy’s book was like a Bible for my daughter, myself and our entire family It is true anyone can write a book about coping with brain injury. Only a person who has survived a TBI and learned the skills of Life Coaching could offer Nancy’s unique perspective.

Nancy has devoted countless hours to my daughter and myself. Nancy has reached out to us selflessly and in unlimited ways. Nancy has been a dependable resource and key professional team member in working with our lawyer, and medical staff as we struggled to accept many personal losses.

Nancy is a wealth of unlimited applicable knowledge for any family or patient suffering such catastrophic loss and life changes.

Nancy has walked my daughter through a pain (the magnitude of which only Nancy could relate) to a place of abundant healing and acceptance of her spontaneous brain injury at the age of 33.

I stand on the top of a mountain I felt impossible to climb when I met Nancy.

I have watched my daughter literally go from severe debilitating depression to a life today with hope, joy, and most of all the acceptance of  her illness.

My daughter’s quality of life today is literally a miracle.  Nancy Bauser comes from a place of experience. No person can every offer to the patients and families of the brain injured what Nancy can. Nancy lives and inspires by example. Nancy has and continues to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to reach goals that let me know that anything is possible.

Most of all Nancy has given our family unconditional love when we needed it most and at a time when we least expected it was even possible.

Kathy Bender, RN. NLP (neuro-linguistic practitioner )

I have never laid eyes on you but I feel your heart and from Lodi (over a thousand miles away)…..I am now crying because YOU understand and more importantly,  CARE about something bigger than yourself……You care about the people who are beginning the journey you began over 38 years ago and SURVIVED AND THRIVED……. The word care, is a “HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!”

What I love about you most, is that you checked your ego at the door!  You seek to understand……what a tremendous gift.

🙂 Kathy

Katie has asked me to help her write a paragraph or two about her specific experience and current outcomes because of  Katie’s amazingly enhanced recovery options that YOU, AND YOU ALONE  have given her the tools she can use to continue with more health  and quality of life along the journey in her recovery form her brain injury.

Thanks for taking the time to read my paper 🙂 That was the first feedback I get 😉 you made my day 🙂 :). It’s interesting that your niche is on “acceptance”. My power tool was on accepting versus resisting. Apparently you cover the process of “acceptance” much more thoroughly than I did 🙂

Nancy Bauser has been with me from the very beginning. Nancy cared for me even when I literally did not and could not care for myself. Nancy never judged nor gave up on me. Nancy is a living example of what is possible in the face of what feels like total devastation. Nancy, by example, inspired me to do all I can to recover. I will NEVER forget what she has done and continues to do for me. Nancy always reached and reaches out to me to encourage me and teach me when I don’t know what to do, or who to turn to.


Comments on her book:

“Nancy’s book is a well-organized, intelligently tough but compassionately realistic guide for professionals leading groups of survivors of brain injuries and other disabilities. Politically correct victimhood is conspicuously absent in her writing. Instead, she gives us a healing breath of fresh air, pure mental-emotional oxygen, for the survivors, their families and friends”.
Frank Farrelly, ACSW – Professor in School of Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Nancy has designed a 24-session program in which people with brain injuries or other disabilities can explore challenges and limitations with which they are faced and reach an acceptance of their changed life. The guide outlines topics and questions for each session and is an excellent resource for rehabilitation professionals”,
—TBI Challenge – A Publication of the Brain Injury Alliance

“I read Acceptance Groups for Survivors and found it filled with reflective questions that would be useful to anyone who has acquired a disability – no matter if the disability was recently acquired or happened many years ago. The book is a fast read with large print. It is divided into activities that can be conducted on a weekly basis with a group of people with disabilities. Nancy suggests that the book be used with support groups over a period of 24 sessions, once or twice a week. She includes brief facilitation instructions and five rules for group behavior”.
—Rosemasrie Rossetti, Ph.D. – Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2004

“This is a book written in large print, so its 90 pages are actually closer to about 45 pages of normal size text. But what’s inside is really worth reading. Ms. Bauser designs a program for 24 weeks of groups, and sets up objectives and questions for discussion, as well as establishes guidelines for how to lead groups. What I found most interesting was that the group sessions could be used for many different kinds of groups, not just those survivors of neurologic brain injury”.
—S. Haltzman, M.D. – Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior at Brown University

“Your book is most interesting. Clearly, you worked and thought hard about issues of acceptance and how to foster that precious commodity among persons with TBI. I hope professionals will be able to test your proposed ideas in their clinical work”.
—Yehuda Ben-Yishay, Ph.D. – Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine / Director of Head Trauma Program at NYU Medical Center, Rusk Institute