Help me with my research

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I’m doing research for a book & I hoping that I could get your input. When you have time, please respond by email. Think of a time when things didn’t work-out as you hoped they would. It doesn’t matter what it is. Perhaps it was a job or a relationship. Maybe you had a health crisis or circumstances just didn’t materialize as you had hoped they would. Those things have one thing in common. They’re all losses.

I’m preparing to write a guide for people in the midst of change & I’m searching for questions that people want to have answered.

Receive a free copy of the eBook when it comes out, if you give me your contact information.

Please respond to the following:

  • What would you like to have answered when you were new to loss, crisis, illness or trauma?
  • How could I introduce you to a life where dealing with a never ending stream of residual problems is just a new way to live?
  • What would you need to know?
  • If you would allow me to include what you say in my manuscript, please send me permission, below.

Thank-you for your assistance,


Nancy Bauser, ACSW, BCETS, BCDT, CPC
Disability Life Coach