My Speaking Topics

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  • To illustrate the importance of acceptance in the recovery process.
  • To provide professionals with a program model for group or individual therapy using the underlying theme of acceptance and its relationship to change.
  • To help survivors, families and friends, and the clinician understand that without acceptance, patience and a positive attitude rehabilitation and recovery may not be stable.


  • Verbalize definitions of recovery and acceptance & build self-esteem by having opinions acknowledged as valid.
  • Learn expectations of perfection are not possible.
  • Stop denying reality by verbalizing current physical and emotional strengths and limitations.
  • Build self-esteem by having feeling validated by the group.
  • Identify individual support systems & learn that it’s OK to ask for help when needed.
  • Overcome the fear of not conforming or being different.
  • Take pride in surviving personal challenges.

Teaching method & Content:

I teach by example. I’ll share my experiences with the audience and encourage them to begin to speak to each other about their challenges and the strategies they use to overcome obstacles. I’ll tell the audience about My Life Since My Head Injury and then I’ll talk about my thoughts on acceptance and why I think it’s essential to the recovery process. Next I’ll ask the question, Is It Worth the Struggle? Then I’ll speak of the residual limitations that I have to consider when I answer that question. Finally I will request audience members answer that same question when they think about their own difficulties.

Target Audience:
Survivors of injury/disability/illness, their families, friends, support systems & professionals

Special Accommodations:
Stand on which to place talking notes

Audio-visual needs:
Microphone that is worn on clothing – easel for posters