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An example of the kind of impact Nancy has had on people with whom she works, is explained by the parent of one of her clients:

I have never laid eyes on you but I feel your heart and from Lodi (over a thousand miles away)…..I am now crying because YOU understand and more importantly,  CARE about something bigger than yourself……You care about the people who are beginning the journey you began over 38 years ago and SURVIVED AND THRIVED……. The word care, is a “HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!” You seek to understand……what a tremendous gift.

🙂 Kathy

I learned that my injury is not who I am rather than something that happened to me. I came to understand that unlike many people with a brain injury I am very fortunate to have a prognosis of 100% recovery. I have become motivated to do everything in my power to take advantage of the people and resources that are available to me. I am aware of doing all that I can to get well because my brain is truly healing as promised by my doctors.

Nancy Bauser has many titles and credentials behind her name. She has earned every one of those titles despite her brain injury. Nancy is willing to teach and live by the endless wealth of knowledge she brings to her coaching. Nancy walks the walk. NANCY LOVED AND COACHED ME BACK TO LIFE. I tell ANY person who is fortunate enough to have Nancy Bauser as their coach, “YOU ARE BLESSED!”