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Acceptance Group Book Reviews

I read Acceptance Groups for Survivors, A Guide for Facilitators and found it filled with reflective questions that would be useful to anyone who has acquired disability – no matter if the disability was recently acquired or happened many years ago.  This book is a fast read with large print.  It is divided into activities that can be conducted on a weekly basis with a group of people with disabilities.  Nancy suggests that the book be used with support groups over a period of 24 sessions, once or twice a week.  She includes brief facilitation instructions and five rules for group behavior.

Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2004 – Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

Nancy has designed a 24-session program in which people with brain injuries or other disabilities can explore challenges and limitations with which they are faced and reach an acceptance of their changed life.  The guide outlines topics and questions for each session and is an excellent resource for rehabilitation professionals.

TBI Challenge – A Publication of the Brain Injury Alliance

Nancy’s book is a well-organized, intelligently tough, but compassionately realistic guide for professionals leading groups of survivors of brain injury and other disabilities.  Politically correct victimhood rhetoric is conspicuously absent in her writing.  Instead, she gives us a healing breath of fresh air, pure mental-emotional oxygen, for the survivors, their families, and friends.

Frank Farrelly, ACSW – Professor in the School of Social Work –

University of Wisconsin – Madison

The book is excellent for those treating closed head injury cases.

Wook Paul Kim, M.D. – Physical Medicine/Pain Management

This is a book written in large print, so its 90 pages are actually closer to about 45 pages of normal size text.  But what’s inside is really worth reading.  Ms. Bauser designs a program for 24 weeks of groups, and sets up objectives and questions for discussion, as well as establishing guidelines for how to lead the groups.  What I found most interesting was that the group sessions could be used for many different kinds of groups, not just those survivors of neurologic brain injury.

Scott Haltzman, M.D. – Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

& Human Behavior at Brown University

Acceptance Group for Survivors, First Edition is still available from Nancy Bauser, the author. The cost is free, with just the cost of shipping of $10 for those in the US, it is $20 for those outside of the US. Purchase below, using paypal. You can also contact her via snail mail at: 4260 Wabeek Lake Drive, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48302

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