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A few years ago, while still in college – at age 21 – I sustained a severe and life-threatening brain injury, yet I did more just make a full recovery.  In my book, How to Thrive After Trauma, I describe in full details how I recovered and thrived…

Today, in this post, I’ll share with you the Four A’s of Recovery After Brain Injury:  

  1. Acknowledge: To myself – I can no longer deny the existence or presence of the obstacle that’s troubling me. It repeatedly slaps me in the face.
  2. Admit: To someone else – I have to take responsibility for my own problem or problems.
  3. Adapt: I need to show myself & my community – how I am attempting to overcome my difficulties
  4. Accept: To myself & to the world – I must demonstrate a tranquil mind when talking about living with, whatever it is that I’m trying to accept.


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Nancy Bauser is a Trauma Recovery Expert and a Certified Disability Life Coach (CPC).  She is Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress (BCETS) and holds Board Certification in Disability Trauma (BCDT).  During the past many years, she touched and transformed many lives – read some of her Client Testimonials – Click HERE! Explore her latest program to help Recover After Trauma – Click HERE! (opens in new tab)

2 Responses to “The Four “A’s of Recovery After Brain Injury””

  1. Cedric says:

    Very precise and helpful….thanks

  2. E.C. Sebastian says:

    I’m glad to learn that. Remember: Recovery is Making Progress, One Step at a Time! Keep on keeping on.
    Nancy Bauser

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